Getting your vehicle ready for a long journey

Step 1; check your engine oil;

Step 2; check the coolant level (radiator);

Step 3; top up screen wash (summer only, add a little washing up liquid. Winter add full strength screenwash);

Step 4; check wiper blades;

Step 5; check tyre tread depths and tyre pressures for carrying additional weight (usually on drivers door pillar);

Step 6; check all lights and carry spare bulbs, just in case;

Step 7; check out the traffic laws in the countries which you are travelling through as most require reflective jackets, 1st aid kits and several warning triangles. (These are also a good idea for carrying at home)


don't forget your toothbrush!!

Alternatively, why not call in and we'll carry out the necessary checks for you, for a small fee.

Contact us on;

01325 300 880

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